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Pandava Army


Family: Son of Arjuna and Subhadra, Uttara's husband, Parikshit's father

Death: Died on the 13th day of the Kurukshetra war

Abhimanyu was an accomplished warrior trained by his father Arjuna and uncle Shrikrishna.

On the 13th day when Drona decided to use Chakravyuha to capture Yudhishthira while Arjuna was away, Abhimanyu stepped up and decided to break the formation. 

He got trapped inside the Chakravyuha and was killed when multiple warriors attacked him. 

His death caused Arjuna to unleash his true potential on the battlefield the next day changing the tide of the war in Pandava's favour. 

Pandava Army


Family: Youngest son of Pandu and Kunti. Indra was his biological father.

Death: Died in the Himalaya on the way to heaven

The youngest son of Kunti was the greatest archer of his time and had the knowledge of all the divine weapons known to mankind. He was the hero of the Mahabharat war and was key to the victory of Pandava in the great war.

Arjuna was an incarnation of Nara and the hero of Mahabharat. He was the third son of Pandu. Kunti got him through the blessings of Devraja Indra. He was the best archer of his times and acquired his education from Guru Dronacharya. He later worshipped Mahadev and received divine weapons from all the Gods. 

Arjuna had many accomplishments to his credit. He was the one who fulfilled the condition of Draupadi’s swayamvar disguised as an ascetic. He conquered the entire northern region during Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya Yagya. He killed the Nivat Kavach and Kalakeya demons who could not be killed by gods. He also defeated the entire Kuru army single handedly while dressed as a woman during the Virata war. 

During the great war at Kurukshetra Shri Krishna became his charioteer and he was the most destructive warrior from Pandava side. He was responsible for killing many major Kaurava warriors like Bhishma, Karna, Bhagadatta, Jayadratha, Susharma etc to name a few. 

The famous word of God, Shrimad Bhagvad Gita was narrated to him by Shrikrishna at the beginning of the great war at Kurukshetra.

Kaurava Army


Family: Son of Dronacharya and Kripi 

Death: Immortal

Fought for the Kaurava side along with his father. Fired Narayanastra after his father was killed. Used Brahmashira to kill Parikshit inside his mother’s womb. Was cursed by Shrikrishna to suffer for 3000 years.

Kaurava Army


Family: Part of Kuru clan. Shantanu’s elder brother who ruled Bahlika Kingdom. Somadutta’s father, Bhurishrava’s grandfather. 

Death: Killed by Bhima on 15th day of Kurukshetra war.

Notable for being the oldest warrior to fight in the Mahabharat war. He sided with Kaurava on Dhritarashtra’s request.


Family: Son of Vasudev and Devaki. Was transferred to Rohini’s womb through maya. 

Death: Went to Vaikuntha in Adishesha form before Shrikrishna’s departure. 

Avatar of Adishesha. Anshavatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. He taught mace warfare to both Bhima and Duryodhana. Went for tirthayatra during the great war because of his inability to pick a side. 

Balaram was the 7th child of Vasudev and Devaki who was magically transferred to the womb of Vasudeva’s other wife Rohini. Balaram was an incarnation of Adishesha and an amsha of Shri Vishnu himself. He was an accomplished warrior and was responsible for killing many demons and warriors in his lifetime. He fought and defeated Jarasandha multiple times only to spare his life on Shrikrishna’s request. 

He was the best mace fighter of his time and trained Bhima and Duryodhana both in the art of mace fighting. During the war of Kurukshetra he found himself torn between his two students and couldn’t pick a side. That is why he refrained from fighting and chose to go on a pilgrimage instead. 

After Yaduvamshi’s destroyed themselves due to Gandhari’s curse Balaram chose to retire to Vaikunthaloka in his Adishesha form. 

Kaurava Army


Family: King of Pragjyotishpura. Son of Narakasura.

Death: Killed by Arjuna on 12th Day of Kurukshetra war

Rode a famous elephant named Supratika. Indra’s friend. Fired Vaishnavastra at Arjuna, which was stopped by Shrikrishna.

Bhagdutta was son of Narakasura and a friend of Indra. After Narakasura was killed by Shrikrishna and devi Satyabhama, he became the king of Pragjyotishpura. During Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya conquest Arjuna came face to face with Bhagdutta who accepted Yudhishthira as king of Bharatavarsha and paid tributes respecting the fact that Arjuna was the son of his friend Indra. 

During the Kurukshetra war he decided to side with Kaurava and fought bravely leading his army of fierce elephants. He himself rode on his famous elephant Supratika and proved to be a very effective ally of Kaurava. 

Pandava Army


Family: Son of Pandu and Kunti. Vayudeva was his biological father.

Death: Died on the way to heaven

Second Pandava was son of Vayu and had the strength of ten thousand elephants. He was responsible for killing all the 100 Kaurava Brothers in the Kurukshetra war. 

Bhima was the second son of Pandu which Kunti got by worshipping the god of wind, Vayudeva. He was physically the strongest among all his brothers and that resulted in Duryodhana seeing him as his main rival. When Duryodhana poisoned him as a kid and threw him in the river Bhima went to Nagaloka and returned with the strength of ten thousand elephants.

He played the role of the protector for his fatherless family and was known to take up any challenge for his mother and brothers. Challenges like facing and killing Rakshasas like Hidimba, Bakasura etc. During Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya conquest he killed the king of Magadha, Jarasandha in a duel. 

He was an accomplished archer and one of best mace fighters of his times trained by Balaram himself in the art. Witnessing Draupadi’s humiliation at the hands of Duryodhana and his allies he vowed to break his thigh and kill all the 100 Kaurava brothers with his own hands. He fulfilled this vow during the 18 days of fierce war fought at the battlefield of Kurukshetra. 

He remained loyal to his brothers and served the Hastinapur kingdom after the war. He died on the way to heaven during Pandava’s journey into the Himalayas. 

Kaurava Army


Family: Son of Shantanu and Ganga. Part of Kuru Dynasty

Death: Fell on the 10th day of war facing Shikhandi and Arjuna. Died after spending 51 nights on the bed of arrows

Known for taking the vow of celibacy and lifelong loyalty to Hastinapur throne. Got the boon for choosing the time of his death by his father. Was the first commander of the Kaurava army in the Kurukshetra war. 

Devavrat was the 8th and the only surviving son of Ganga and Shantanu. In order to get his father married to Satyavati, he took the difficult vow of being celibate all his life and came to be known as Bhishma because of that.

He was trained in vedic literature by Brahmarshi Vashishtha and in the art of war by Bhagwan Parshuram. 

He served the throne of Hastinapur all his life and fought for Kaurava side in the great war at Kurukshetra. He was the first commander of the Kaurava army and fell on the 10th day of the war.

He did not die because of the boon of Iccha Mrityu from his father and remained on the bed of arrows for 51 nights and then decided to leave his mortal body.

Kaurava Army


Family: Bahlika’s grandson. Somadatta’s son. 

Death: Killed by Satyaki on 14th day of Kurukshetra war after being decapitated by Arjuna

He defeated a humiliated Satyaki on the battlefield and was responsible for killing Satyaki’s sons earlier. Was known as a just and charitable person.


Family: Younger brother of Deval rishi. 

Pandava’s priest and advisor who accompanied them through their good and bad times since their time in hiding in Ekachakra town till Parikshita’s coronation. 

After escaping the fire at the Varanavrat Pandava were passing through a jungle, there Arjuna had an encounter with a Gandharwa named Angaraparna. 

Gandharwa started off on an arrogant note but was humbled by Arjuna when Arjuna invoked Agneyastra on a blade of grass and burned the Gandharwa’s chariot.

Gandharwa offered to teach the art of seeing and travelling anywhere at will but Arjuna did not want to receive something for free so they accepted each other's friendship instead. 

It was then that Gandharwa advised them to meet Younger brother of Devala rishi, rishi Dhaumya and appoint him as their priest.

As per Gandharwa's advice Pandavas went to the Ashram of Rishi Dhaumya and formally appointed him as their head priest.

He accompanied Yudhishthira all his life and advised him on the subject of Dharma. 



Family: Drupad’s Daughter. Princess of Panchala Kingdom. Dhrishtadyumna and Shikhandi’s sister. Wife of Pandavas. Queen of Indraprastha and Hastinapur. 

Death: Was the first one to fall on Pandava’s journey towards heaven. 

Born through a Yajna along with her brother Dhrishtadyumna. She married the five Pandava brothers after Arjuna fulfilled the condition of her swayamvar. She was humiliated by Duryodhana and his allies in Hastinapur court after Pandava lost in the game of dice. She ensured her husbands stayed together through the tough times and became the queen of Hastinapur after the Mahabharat war. 

When Drupad was defeated by Arjuna during the guru-dakshina war he conducted a Yagya to have a son who would avenge his humiliation by killing Drona and a daughter, whom he wanted to marry to Arjuna. That daughter was Draupadi, also known as Panchali, for she was the daughter of Drupad and the princess of Panchal. 

Arjuna fulfilled the condition of her swayamvar and then she became the wife of the five Pandava brothers. 

She was an accomplished woman who took care of many essential duties as the queen of Indraprastha. Later when Duryodhana humiliated her in front of everyone in the kuru court all the hopes of any reconciliation between the sons of Dhritarashtra and the sons of Pandu were lost. 

She made sure her husbands stayed together during their 13 years of exile and prepared for the war. 

After the great war of Kurukshetra she became the queen of Bharatvarsha. She accompanied her husbands on their journey into Himalaya and died on the way towards heaven. 

Pandava Army


Family: Prince of Panchal. Son of Drupad. Draupadi’s brother. Born from fire through a yajna. 

Death: Killed by Ashwatthama during the night raid in Panchal camp after the Kurukshetra war.

Notable for being the commander of the Pandava army throughout the 18 days of the war. He was responsible for killing Drona. 

After being defeated in the Gurudakshina war and getting humiliated by Drona, Drupada decided to seek revenge. He conducted a yagya with the desire to have a son who would kill Drona and a daughter who would marry Arjuna. At the end of this yagya Dhrishtadyuma and Draupadi appeared from fire. 

Dhrishtadyuma appeared wearing armour and holding a bow in his hand. He later trained in the academy of Dronacharya and learned many divine weapons including Brahmastra from the great teacher.

During the great war at Kurukshetra he was chosen to become the chief commander of the Pandava army and remained undefeated till the end of the battle. 

He was killed by Ashwatthama when later attacked the Panchal camp at night and killed everyone there including Draupadi’s five sons. 

Pandva Army


Family: King of Chedi. Son of Shishupal

Death: Killed by Drona on 14th day of Kurukshetra war

Dhrishtaketu fought for Pandava side in the great war and was responsible for leading the one Akshauhini army of Chedi Kingdom. 

Dhrishtaketu was son of Shishupal. He became the king of Chedi kingdom after his father was killed by Shrikrishna during Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya Yagya. 

He was an accomplished warrior who fought for the Pandava side in the Kurukshetra war. He was killed on 14th day by Drona while assisting Arjuna in fulfilling his vow of killing Jayadratha before sunset. 

Kaurava Army


Family: Bharadhwaj Muni’s son. Kripi’s Husband. Ashwatthama’s Father 

Death: Killed by Dhrishtadyuma on 15th Day of the battle

He was an accomplished archer who learned it from Agnivesha and Bhagwaan Parshuram. He was the teacher of Kaurava, Pandava and other great warriors of the time. Became commander of the Kaurava army after the fall of Bhishma.

Once Bharadwaj muni got infatuated with Apsara Ghritachi and his vital life seed fell. The great sage kept it in a pot and after some time a boy was born out of it. Because the boy was born from a pot he was named Drona. Drona along with Drupada studied the art of Archery under guru Agnivesh.

Later Drona got married to Kripachraya’s twin sister Kripi and had a son named Ashwatthama. When he went to Drupada to ask for a cow so that he can feed his son milk, Drupada insulted him and called him unequal. This prompted Drona to visit Hastinapur and become the teacher of Kaurava and Pandava. As part of guru dakshina, he demanded his students to capture Drupada. Where his other students failed, Arjuna succeeded and captured Drupada. Drona recalling Drupada’s unequal jibe divided the kingdom of Panchal into two halves and became the king of one half while letting the other half remain under Drupada. 

Drupada felt insulted and conducted a yagya to have a son who would kill Dronacharya. His son Dhrishtadyumna was born from that yagya. 

Later during the great war at Kurukshetra Drona became the commander of Kaurava army after the fall of Bhishma and Dhrishtadyumna was the commander of Pandava army. When Drona started breaking the rules of engagement and started firing divine weapons at common soldiers he was stopped by Yudhishthira by telling him his son Ashwatthama was dead. 

This news devastated the great teacher and he gave up arms and sat in a samadhi. Dhrishtadyumna seized this opportunity and beheaded him, thus fulfilling the purpose of his birth. 

Pandava Army


Family: Son of Prishata, Father of Shikhandi, Dhrishtadyuma and Draupadi

Death: Killed by Drona on the 15th day of the Kurukshetra war

Drupada was the king of Panchala. His rivalry with Drona was one of the key highlights of Mahabharata. 

His daughter Draupadi was married to Pandava, making him their key ally in the conflict against their cousins.

Kaurava Army


Family: Son of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Younger brother of Duryodhana.

Death: Killed by Bhima on 17th Day of Kurukshetra war.

Known for the person responsible for dragging Draupadi in open court. Was killed by Bhima by breaking open his chest during the Kurukshetra war.

Dussashana was the second son of Gandhari and Dhritarashtra and younger brother of Duryodhana. He was devoted to his elder brother and followed him without ever questioning. He along with Karna and Shakuni was a key part of all the conspiracies Duryodhana hatched across the years. 

It was Dussashana who was sent by Duryodhana to drag Draupadi into the Kuru court and it was he who tried to disrobe the Kuru daughter-in-law. These acts of Dussashana prompted Bhima to take the vow of breaking his chest and drink his blood. 

Bhima fulfilled his vow during the 17th day of the Kurukshetra war when he killed Dussashana with his bare hands and broke open his chest.



Family: Son of Ambika and Vichitravirya. Ved Vyas was his biological father. 

Death: Died in wildfire 

Elder brother of Pandu who was blind since birth. He was made caretaker king after Pandu retired to the jungle. His inability to stand up against the blackmail by his own son resulted in the war of Kurukshetra. 

After Vichitravirya died childless, Satyavati invited his other son Ved Vyas to produce heirs for the Hastinapur throne through the practice of Niyoga accepted during those times. Vichitravirya’s elder wife Ambika through Ved Vyas had a son who was blind and was named Dhritarashtra.

Dhritarashtra could not become the king because of his blindness but after Pandu decided to retire to the forest he was made the caretaker king. He continued ruling Hastinapur with the help of Bhishma and Vidura after the death of Pandu. 

His love for his son Duryodhana was the primary reason for the devastating war between Kaurava and Pandava cousins. He succumbed to Duryodhana’s unreasonable demands, instead of stopping him, which resulted in many wrongs committed against the Pandavas. 

After the war, he stayed in Hastinapur for some time then retired to the jungle along with his wife Gandhari and Pandu’s wife Kunti. They all succumbed to the forest fire while living there.



Family: Daughter of Gandhari and Dhritarashtra. Wife of Jayadratha. Queen of Sindhu

Death: Unknown

She was the only sister among Kaurava cousins and was dear to both Kaurava and Pandava. She was married to Jayadratha. After the war when Arjuna reached Sindhu with the Ashwamedha yagya horse, he negotiated peace on behalf of her grandson. 

Dushala was the only daughter of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. She was the only sister among Kaurava and Pandava brothers and was loved by both the cousins. She was married to the king of Sindhu, Jayadratha. 

After the death of Jayadratha she took over the reins of the Sindhu kingdom with her son as the king.

When during Yudhishthira’s Ashwamedha conquest Arjuna came to Sindhu kingdom with his army, her son died of fear by just hearing the news of Arjuna’s arrival. 

Dushala visited Arjuna in the battlefield along with her young grandson and secured a peaceful treaty with Hastinapur kingdom. 

Not much is mentioned in Mahabharat about her after this point. 

Kaurava Army


Family: Dusshasana's son

Death: Killed by Bhima during the Kurukshetra war

On the 13th day of the war when Abhimanyu was trapped inside the Chakravyuha fighting valiantly, it was Dusshasana's son who hit the final blow to an exhausted Abhimanyu. 

Kaurava Army


Family: Son of Gandhari and Dhritarashtra. Had 99 brothers and one sister. 

Death: Killed by Bhima on 18th Day of Mahabharat war

Considered himself as the rightful heir to the throne. Was responsible for causing the great war of Kurukshetra because of his jealousy towards Pandava. Accomplished mace warrior. Had really strong upper body due to Asura's prayers

When Gandhari became pregnant she also heard the news about Kunti’s pregnancy, who was living in the jungle with Pandu and Madri. When Kunti delivered Yudhishthira and Gandhari’s pregnancy got prolonged she in a fit of rage beat her womb resulting in a lump of meat coming out of her. Ved Vyas cut that lump into 101 pieces and kept them inside pots filled with Ghee. One year later Duryodhana was born from one of these pots. Subsequently Gandhari had 99 other sons and one daughter from these 101 pots.

Duryodhana always felt insecure about his father’s status as a caretaker king and harboured jealousy towards his cousins for being the heir to the throne. His jealousy resulted in him making multiple attempts to kill his cousins. 

Later when he saw Yudhishthira’s wealth during his Rajasuya yagya his jealousy went into extreme resulting in his uncle Shakuni conspiring to win Yudhishthira’s kingdom by cornering him into committing to a game of dice. He went too far when he tried to humiliate Draupadi into the Kuru court hoping to use this situation to create animosity among the Pandava brothers. When that plan failed he insisted they play another game as a result of which Pandava had to live in exile for 13 years.

He did not agree to return Pandava’s kingdom to them after they fulfilled their 13 years of exile. This resulted into the great war at Kurukshetra, at the end of which Bhima fulfilled his vow by breaking his thigh in a duel, thus ending his life.

Duryodhana’s life in Mahabharat is a cautionary tale against jealousy. 


Family: Son of Parikshit 

Death: Unknown

Organised the snake sacrifice to get the world rid of all the snakes to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Takshaka. His snake sacrifice was the occasion where Mahabharat was narrated to everyone by sage Vaishampayana. ˘

Janamejaya was son of Parikshit and became the king of Hastinapur after Parikshit was killed by the snake Takshaka due to a rishi’s curse. 

To avenge the death of his father Janamejaya famously organised a grand sacrifice to get the world rid of all the snakes. His sacrifice could not be concluded because of Astika muni, who visited this grand sacrifice and demanded Janamejaya should stop it. 

It was during the gathering of Janamejaya’s snake sacrifice, where Vaishampayana narrated the story of Mahabharata.

Pandava Army


Family: Son of Bhima and Hidimba 

Death: Killed by Karna during the night battle after 14th day using the Vasawi dart of Indra. 

He was a Rakshasa and was accomplished in Mayavi warfare. He fought in the Kurukshetra war from the Pandava side and was responsible for getting rid of Karna’s Vasawi dart. 

After escaping the fire at the palace of lac in Varanavrat Pandava along with their mother Kunti were resting under a tree in a jungle. Bhima was standing guard to protect them. Bhima was then approached by Hidimbi, a Rakshasi, who warned him that her brother Hidimba wanted to eat them. She offered to help them escape but Bhima decided to face the Rakshasa. 

After Bhima killed Hidimba in a duel, Hidimbi proposed to marry him. When Bhima hesitated, Hidimbi sought permission from Kunti and they both got married. Ghatotkacha was their son who grew up as soon as he was born because of being a Rakshasa. 

Ghatotkacha came to fight for his father in the great war at Kurukshetra and led an army of Rakshasa. He became more effective during the night battle after the 14th day of war and created havoc in the Kaurava camp, resulting in Karna using his infalling Vasawi dart to kill him. Karna got this divine dart from Indra in exchange for his divine armour and was preserving it to kill Arjuna. Ghatotkacha’s sacrifice ensured that Karna had to get rid of the one power that could have killed Arjuna. 



Family: Princess of Gandhar Kingdom. Subala’s Daughter. Shakuni’s sister. Dhritashtra’s wife. Mother of Duryodhana and his 99 brothers and Dushala. 

Death: In wildfire alongwith Dhritarashtra. 

Blindfolded herself for life after getting married to Dhritarashtra. Cursed Krishna about the destruction of the Yadu Dynasty.

She was the daughter of Subala, the king of Gandhar. Bhishma wanted her to marry Dhritarashtra because she had the boon to have 100 sons. When she found out that her husband was blind she chose to blindfold herself to experience life in the same way as experienced by her husband. 

She was a wise woman and advised Dhritarashtra on multiple occasions. She was against the war and wanted Dhritarashtra to not succumb to manipulations by Duryodhana. 

At the end of the war she blamed Shrikrishna for not stopping the war and cursed him that his Yaduvamsha would also go through a similar fate as Kurus.

Later she accompanied her husband and Kunti to live in the forest where they all died in a wildfire. 

Kaurava Army


Family: Son of Gavalgana. Dhritarashtra’s charioteer and advisor. 

Death: Unknown

Fought in the Kurukshetra war. Survived the war because of Ved Vyasa’s blessing. Vyasa blessed him with divine sight because of which he could witness all the events of the war. He then narrated the entire war of Mahabharat to Dhritarashtra.

Sanjay was the son of Gavalgana. He was charioteer and advisor of Dhritarashtra. When Pandava and Kaurava were sending messengers to each other after the end of Pandava’s exile, it was Sanjay who was sent by Dhritarashtra to meet Yudhishthira.

Sanjay was well respected by both Kaurava and Pandava. He was against the war and advised Dhritarashtra to agree to Yudhishthira’s proposal. 

When the war became inevitable, he fought for the Kaurava side. Ved Vyas gave him the boon of divine sight that allowed him to witness all the events of the war beyond human sight. Ved Vyas also gave him protection during the war. 

On the 18th day of the war he was captured by Satyaki. Later Ved Vyas appeared and asked Satyaki to release him.

After the war he remained with Dhritarashtra. He even accompanied him to the forest. Later after Vidura’s disappearance he decided to go away to perform penance. 

Kaurava Army


Family: King of Sindhu. Dussala’s Husband. 

Death: Killed by Arjuna on 14th day of Kurukshetra war.

Tried to abduct Draupadi during Pandava’s exile. Stopped 4 Pandava brothers from entering the Chakravyuha on 13th day due to Mahadeva’s boon. Arjuna held him responsible for the death of Abhimanyu and vowed to kill him by the end of next day, which he did.

Jayadratha was the king of Sindhu. He was married to Duryodhana’s sister Dussala.

During Pandava’s exile he tried to abduct Draupadi. Pandava’s defeated his army and caught him, but thinking about Dussala they did not kill him. Instead they shaved his head and let him go.

Jayadratha could not tolerate his humiliation and he worshipped Mahadev to seek revenge from Pandavas. He asked Mahadeva to enable him to defeat Pandavas in battle. Mahadeva told him that he would not be able to defeat Arjuna ever, however he can defeat the other four Pandava brothers on one day in his life.

That day was day 13 of the Kurukshetra war when Arjuna was away from the battlefield fighting Samsaptaka warriors and Abhimanyu had entered the Chakravyuha. It is then Jayadratha faced the four Pandava brothers and stopped them from entering the Vyuha after Abhimanyu. This left Abhimanyu alone among all the Kaurava warriors and resulted in a brave death for Arjuna’s son. 

Because of this act Arjuna blamed Jayadrath for the death of his son and took vow to kill him before the end of next day or die in failing to do so. On the 14th day in a fierce battle Arjuna found Jayadratha hiding at the end of a complex Vyuha constructed by Drona and killed him.

Pandava Army


Family: Son of Arjuna and Ulupi

Death: Killed by Alambusha on 8th day of the Kurukshetra war

He was a Naga prince and was well versed in the mayavi warfare of Nagas. 

After Arjuna had to enter Yudhishthira’s private chamber while he was with Draupadi, Arjuna had to go on a twelve year exile as per the condition agreed upon at the time of their wedding. During this exile Arjuna met a Naga Princess Ulupi. Ulupi was a widow who got infatuated with Arjuna and wanted to marry him. She manages to convince Arjuna and they both have a son Iravan or Iravat.

Iravan came to fight for his father in the great war at Kurukshetra. He was an accomplished warrior well versed in mayavi warfare. 

He fought very bravely and on the 8th day of the war, he was killed by Rakshasa Alambusha when he used his Rakshasi Maya to counter Iravan’s Naga Maya. Ghatotkacha avenged his cousin when he killed Alambusha during the night battle after the 14th day of the war. 

Kaurava Army


Family: Son of Sharadvan rishi. Raised by Shantanu. Had a twin sister named Kripi.

Death: Immortal

Fought for the Kaurava side in the Kurukshetra war due to his familial bond. He was one of the survivors of the great war and was appointed head priest of Hastinapur after the war. 

Pandava Army


Family: Part of Vrishni faction of Yadus. Grandson of Sini

Death: Killed during the Yadu civil war. 

Arjuna’s student and accomplished archer. Played important role in the Mahabharat war from the Pandava side. Killed Somadatta and Bhurishrava in the war. Survived the Mahabharat war. 

As per Shrikrishna’s promise to Duryodhana, his Narayani sena fought for Kaurava in Mahabharat war, however Satyaki from the Vrishni clan chose to fight alongside his friend and teacher Arjuna. After Arjuna and Bhima; Satyaki proved to be the most destructive for their Kaurava enemies. 

He had to suffer humiliation for beheading a weaponless Bhurishrava in the battlefield. Years later, when Kritavarma chose to humiliate him, recalling this very incident their fight escalated and became the reason for destruction of the entire Yadav clan.



Family: Raja Shursena, adopted by King Kuntibhoja. Vasudeva’s sister. Pandu’s wife.

Death: Died in wildfire alongwith Gandhari and Dhritarashtra. 

Kunti was the mother of Karna, Yudhishthir, Bhima and Arjuna. After the death of Pandu and her co-wife Madri she raised the five Pandava brothers. 

She was the daughter of Shurasena, who was adopted by Kuntibhoja. Her birth name was Pritha who came to be known by the name of her adoptive father. She got the boon to summon any God and demand to have a child with him from Durvasa rishi. Using that boon she had Karna through Suryadeva, whom she had to abandon because she was just a teenager. 

Later when Pandu could not have children of his own she used the same boon to have Yudhishthira through Dharmaraj, Bhima through Vayudeva and Arjuna through Indradeva. Later on Pandu’s request she allowed her co-wife Madri to also use that boon. Madri had twins Nakula and Sahadeva through twin Gods Ashwini Kumar.

After Pandu and Madri’s death she raised the five Pandava brothers in Hastinapur despite constant attempt on their life by Duryodhana. 

After the war of Mahabharat she chose to accompany Dhritarashtra and Gandhari to the forest where they all died in a wildfire. 



Family: Son of Ambalika and Vichitravirya. Ved Vyas was his biological father.  

Death: Died in forest due to the curse

He was made king of Hastinapur because his elder brother was blind. He rebuilt the kingdom through his valour and became the king of Bharatvarsha. Later he retired to the jungle with his wives Kunti and Madri where he died. He was the father of the five Pandava brothers.

After Vichitravirya died childless, Satyavati invited his other son Ved Vyas to produce heirs for the Hastinapur throne through the practice of Niyoga accepted during those times. Vichitravirya’s younger wife Ambalika through Ved Vyas had a son who was pale and was named Pandu because of that. 

Since his elder brother Dhritarashtra was blind Pandu was chosen as the king of Hastinapur. Pandu was a skilled archer and an accomplished warrior. He brought many kingdoms under Hastinapur throne and returned the great Kuru empire to its lost glory. 

After completing his conquest he made his elder brother the caretaker of Hastinapur throne and retired to the jungle with his wives Kunti and Madri. 

During one of his hunts Pandu accidentally killed Kindam rishi and his wife and was cursed to die when he tried to touch a woman. 

Since Pandu could not have any children of his own due to this curse he requested his wife Kunti to use the boon of Durvasa rishi and produce children through gods. Kunti had three sons and Madri had two, collectively they were known as Pandava after their father. 

Later when he could not control himself while having some alone time with his wife Madri, Pandu died because of Kindam rishi’s curse. 


Family: King of Magadha. Kamsa’s father-in-law

Death: Was killed by Bhima in a duel before Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya yajna

Attacked Yadava seventeen times to avenge the death of his son-in-law Kamsa, which forced Shrikrishna to shift the base of Yadava’s from Mathura to Dwaraka. 

Jarasandha was the king of Magadha during Mahabharat period. He was born after his father received an apple from a rishi as a boon and divided that between his two wives. As a result his wives gave birth to two halves of a baby. The king of Magadha threw those pieces which were then found by a Rakshasi named Jara. Jara picked up the two pieces and joined them together. Because of that the baby came to be known as Jarasandha. 

His two daughters were married to Kamsa. When Kamsa was killed by Shrikrishna, he decided to avenge the death of his son-in-law and attacked Mathura multiple times. His constant attacks on Mathura were one of the reasons for Shrikrishna to move the Yadava clan to Dwarakapuri. 

During Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya conquest Shrikrishna, Arjuna and Bhima visited Jarasandha in disguise and challenged him for a duel. Jarasandha chose to fight Bhima and was killed by him. 

He was born with two halves to two different wives of the Magadha king. These two halves were joined together by a Rakshasi named Jara thus leading to him being called Jarasandh.

Kaurava Army


Family: King of Madra. Brother of Madri (Pandu’s wife and Nakula-Sahadeva’s mother)

Death: Killed by Yudhishthira on 18th day of Battle.

Fought the war from Kaurava side, due to Duryodhana’s deceit. Was Karna’s charioteer on 17th Day. Was appointed commander of the Kaurava army on 18th Day. Known for his skills with mace. 

Shalya was the king of Madra and brother of Madri. He was an accomplished warrior and wanted to participate in the great war from the Pandava side alongside his nephews. When Duryodhana found out about his convoy he tricked him into promising him a boon and because of that he ended up fighting from Kaurava side in the battle. 

He was an accomplished charioteer and was second only to Shrikrishna in that skill. That is why Karna requested him as his chariot on the 17th day of the war. 

Shalya was appointed the commander of the Kaurava army after Karna fell. Shalya was the commander for one day before being killed by Yudhishthira. 

Kaurava Army


Family: Part of Bhoja faction of Yadus. 

Death: Killed during the Yadu civil war.

Was commander of Shrikrishna’s Narayani Sena and fought for Kaurava side due to Shrikrishna’s promise to Duryodhana. Accompanied Ashwatthama during his night raid of Panchala camp. Survived Mahabharat war.

At the end of the Mahabharat war, only three warriors from Kaurava side survived; Kripacharya, Ashwatthama and Kritavarma.

Kritavarma was the commander of Shrikrishna’s Narayani sena and Duryodhan’s friend. Because of Shrikrishna’s promise to Duryodhan, he fought for the Kauravas in the great war. On the last day of the battle he accompanied Ashwatthama inside the Pandav camp and helped him in killing the five sleeping sons of Draupadi. 

Many years later when Kritavarma taunted Satyaki for the unfair killing of Bhurishrava, Satyaki called him out for killing helpless Uppandavas. This escalated into a full blown fight with various Yadav warriors taking sides. This fight resulted in the destruction of the Yadav clan.

Kaurava Army


Family: Son of Subala. Gandhari’s brother. King of Gandhar kingdom. Uluka’s father

Death: Killed by Sahadeva on 18th day of battle

Popular for masterminding the game of dice that resulted into Draupadi’s public humiliation and later another game because of which Pandava had to live on exile.

Shakuni was the son of King Subala of Gandhar. He loved his sister Gandhari a lot and became a very close trusted advisor to his nephew Duryodhana. Shakuni was a mathematician and an expert in the game of chance because of that. He was also well versed in Mayavi warfare.

When Duryodhana wanted to commit suicide because of his jealousy after seeing the massive wealth during Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya Yagya, Shakuni masterminded the conspiracy to invite Yudhishthira for a game of dice and win their entire kingdom for Duryodhana. They took this too far when they decided to insult Draupadi and that led to Pandava going on a 13 years exile and later the great war of Mahabharat.

Shakuni always wanted well for his nephew and at one point after Duryodhana’s Ghoshyatra he advised his nephew to forget his enmities with Pandava and look for peaceful co-existence. 

Eventually when the war became inevitable he fought for the side of his nephew alongwith his brothers and children all of whom died in the great war. He himself was killed by Sahadeva on the 18th day of the great war. 

Pandava Army

Sri Krishna

Family: Son of Devaki and Vasudev. Raised by Yashoda and Nand

Death: Went to Vaikuntha after being hurt on his heel by a hunter named Jara. 

An Incarnation of Narayan who was born to reestablish Dharma on the earth. He was a great warrior and a master strategist. Played the role of Arjuna’s charioteer and advisor in the great war. 

An Incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, who was born as the 8th son of Vasudeva and Devaki. He was born when his parents were living in a jail cell held captive by Devaki’s cousin Kamsa. As soon as the child was born Vasudeva carried the child across Yamuna and exchanged him with the newborn daughter of Nanda and Yashoda. The boy, Krishna grew up as their son, while protecting himself and them from the various threats sent their way by his evil uncle.

While he was still a child, he along with his elder brother Balaram visited Mathura. He killed Kamsa and released his parents from captivity. Later when Jarasandha kept attacking Mathura to avenge Kamsa, he ensured the movement of the entire Yadu clan to Dwaraka. 

He was a very good friend of his cousin Arjuna and participated in the Mahabharat war as his charioteer. He was a master strategist and his clever planning was in a big way responsible for the Pandava victory in the great war. 

After the war at Kurukshetra, he was cursed by Gandhari that his entire clan would wipe itself in a similar way as Kuru clan. Gandhari’s curse came true 36 years later when the entire Yaduvamsha killed each other in a civil war. 

Later Shrikrishna decided to leave the earth and retire to his permanent abode in Vaikuntha and chose hunter Jara as the medium, who shot an arrow at Shrikrishna’s heel mistaking it to be some deer. 


Family: Daughter of Uparichar Vasu. Raised by the Chief of fishermen. Mother of Chitrangad, Vichitravirya and Bhagwaan Ved vyas 

Death: Retired to jungle after Pandu’s death and died there

She was the queen of Hastinapur and was responsible for ensuring that the Kuru line did not end after the death of her sons by producing heirs to the throne through her other son Ved Vyas and the widows of Vichitravirya.

The brave king Shantanu, who was grieving after the departure of his beloved Ganga, came across the fisherwoman Satyavati one day while hunting. He fell in love with her and Gangaputra Devavrata made his famous Bhishma pratigya so that his father could marry Satyavati.

But though Satyavati is known as a fisherwoman, her mother was Apsara Adrika. Her birth came about thus:

The powerful king Uparichara Vasu was a friend of Indra’s. He went hunting one day in the sylvan surroundings of the forest. The beautiful, lush forest with its serene peace made him long for his wife, Girika. Excited with passion by the thought of his wife and determined to have children by her, Uparichara Vasu collected his vital seed, packed it in leaves and summoned a falcon to take it to his wife so it may not go waste.

As the falcon flew high with its precious burden, it was attacked by another bird and the leaf package fell right into the Yamuna river. In the Yamuna lived the apsara Adrika, now in the form of a fish owing to a curse. She swallowed the king’s seed and conceived.

The fisherman chief caught the fish and cut it open only to find twin children in its belly- a boy and a girl. He took the boy to the king, who recognized him as his son. The girl was adopted by the fisherman chief and she came to be known as Matsyagandhi because she smelt of a fish.

When this girl grew into a beautiful young woman, Sage Parasara arrived there, wanting to cross the river. As Matsyagandhi ferried him across, Parasara was powerfully attracted to her, impelled by destiny. From Parasara and Matsyagandhi was born the sage Krishna Dwaipayana, who later came to be called Veda Vyasa, the author of the Mahabharata.

Matsyagandhi received the boon from the Sage Parasara that her body would give off a wonderful fragrance for a whole yojana. From then on, she was known as Yojanagandhi too. Even later, she was given the name Satyavati. Satyavati went on to become the Queen Mother of Hastinapura, who ensured that her husband Shantanu’s line did not go extinct.


Family: Son of Abhimanyu and Uttara. Father of Janmeyjay

Death: Was bitten by Takshaka due to a Rishi’s curse

Parikshit was killed by Ashwatthama’s Brahmashira when he was still in his mother’s womb. He was later revived by Shrikrishna to carry the kuru lineage forward. He took over the throne of Hastinapur from Yudhishthira. 

Parikshit was the son of Abhimanyu and Uttara. He was born dead because of Ashwatthama’s Brahmashira weapon but was brought back to life by Shrikrishna and that is why he was given the name Parikshit. After ruling Hastinapur throne for 36 years Yudhishthira decided to handover the throne to Parikshit and retire into the Himalayas. 

Parikshit proved to be a great king and ruled effectively for more than three decades. He was the last king who kept Kaliyuga in check and after his death Kaliyuga reigned in human’s lives. 

Once during a hunt he was very thirsty and came across the hermitage of a rishi. The rishi was meditating and did not acknowledge the King. Parikshit under the influence of Kaliyuga took offence and garlanded the rishi with a dead snake nearby. When Rishi’s son saw this, he cursed Parikshit to die at the hands of Takshaka snake in 7 days time. 

All the efforts to protect his life proved to be ineffective when Takshaka managed to reach him by hiding as an insect inside a fruit. After Parikshit’s death his son Janamejaya became the king who conducted the famous snake sacrifice to avenge the death of his father. 

Pandava Army


Family: Son of Pandu and Madri. AshwiniKumar was his biological father.  

Death: Died on the way to heaven.

Accomplished sword warrior. Trained in the art of raising cattle. Killed Shakuni

When Pandu had three sons through Kunti he requested her to share the boon of Durvasa Rishi with his other wife Madri so that she can also have children of her own. Kunti obliged and shared the boon with Madri for one time. Madri summoned twin gods Ashwinikumars and received twin sons Nakula and Sahadeva from them.

Sahadeva was believed to be the most wise man of his times and he was a trained sword warrior and skilled in raising cattles. He remained devoted to his elder brother Yudhishthira all his life and died on the way to heaven during Pandava journey into the Himalayas.

Kaurav Army


Family: Son of Kunti and Suryadev. Raised by Radha and Adhiratha

Death: Killed by Arjuna on 17th Day of the war.

Was born with Armour and Earrings made of Amrita that protected him from dying. Exchanged it with Indra for his Vasavi Dart to use it to kill Arjuna.

Once Rishi Durvasa visited Kuntibhoja and he was so pleased with Kunti’s devotion that he offered her a boon. The boon was to summon any God and receive a child from him. A teenage Kunti out of curiosity summoned Suryadev. When she understood the consequences of her action it was already too late. But she asked the Sun to protect the boy and because of her request the boy was born with Golden Armour and Earrings made of Amrita. 

This boy was abandoned by Kunti, who was then adopted by Adhiratha and Radha and came to be known as Karna. Adhiratha was younger brother of the king of Anga and a good friend of Dhritarashtra. This is how Karna landed in Hastinapur and became friends with prince Duryodhana. Duryodhana saw him as someone who could support him in his quest to defeat Pandava when time came.

Karna saw Arjuna as his rival and tried to become better than him. In this quest he went to Bhagwan Parshuram and learned various divine weapons from him. 

He kept seeking an opportunity to prove himself better than Arjuna and was defeated by him on few occasions they met in battle but eventually his desire for this duel was fulfilled when on 17th day of Kurukshetra he came face to face with Arjuna where he was killed in a fiercely fought battle. 

Pandava Army


Family: Son of Pandu and Madri. AshwiniKumar was his biological father.  

Death: Died on the way to heaven.

Most Handsome man. Powers- Amazing swordfighter and archer. Trained in the art of raising horses.

When Pandu had three sons through Kunti he requested her to share the boon of Durvasa Rishi with his other wife Madri so that she can also have children of her own. Kunti obliged and shared the boon with Madri for one time. Madri summoned twin gods Ashwinikumars and received twin sons Nakula and Sahadeva from them.

Nakula was believed to be the most handsome man of his times and he was a trained sword warrior and a skilled horse rider. He remained devoted to his elder brother Yudhishthira all his life and died on the way to heaven during Pandava journey into the Himalayas. 

Pandava Army

Sahadeva of Magadha

Family: Son of Jarasandha. King of Magadha

Death: Killed by Karna of 14th day of Kurukshetra war

Was appointed King of Magadha by Shrikrishna after Bhima killed his father in a duel. He chose to fight for the Pandava side in the great war.