What do you learn from Ranbhoomi - Kurukshetra board game?

What do you learn from Ranbhoomi - Kurukshetra board game?

Before even opening the box you see Elephant warrior, horse warrior and foot soldier on the cover. This shows the 3 other elements (other that chariot warriors) of the Chaturangini armies fighting in the great war.

The first step to set up the game is select your token. There are 8 tokes provided in the box with insignias of different kingdoms. This is to show that contrary to popular belief the great war at Kurukshetra was not a war between cousins. Many kingdoms participated in it.

The Divyastra card deck is an attempt to offer visual identity to our divine weapons and also invoke a sense of awe through the logical design and pairing ('can counter' and 'countered by') along with their power levels. We have created videos with more information for this.

Events on the board represent various key battles of the great war and the color represents the army that dominated that battle. To know more about these events one can listen to our Ranbhoomi podcast available across all popular audio platforms.

Events on the board have flags of the warriors dominating that battle. These flags have distinct insignias for each warrior with their details available in the booklet. Some of the warriors you would find here are the ones who have been ignored by modern retellings.


Rule card is a simple flowchart (decision tree) depicting the basic game play. It's a good way to introduce logical thinking and decision making to the child.

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