Sutradhar App

Sutradhar App

Sutradhar means narrator. India has always had the tradition of narrating and listening to stories. Knowledge of every kind has been collated in the form of these beautiful stories so that it is easy to remember and understand. We are attempting to translate this generations old tradition of Shruti and Smriti for our smartphone generation.

Watch new stories from ancient scriptures everyday and share among your family and friends also access the archive of 1500+ videos.

What to expect from Sutradhar?

  • Monday Mythbusters - Every monday we bust one of the myths about our ancient stories like Ramayana, Mahabharata and present the facts with evidence.
  • Templetales Tuesdays - India is a country of temples and every Tuesday we publish stories about various temples.
  • Wisdom Wednesdays - Our scriptures are full of words of wisdom, we bring to such valuable and practical knowledge from our scriptures in bite size every wednesday.
  • Pauranik Tales - Every Thursday we publish short- sharable stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata or Puranas.
  • Podcast - Fridays are reserved for Podcast. Enjoy serialized retelling of Mahabharat in our Ved Vyas ki Mahabharat podcast.
  • Long Story - We bring you long stories every Saturday. Some of these stories you might know, some of them you think you might know and some you might have never heard of, but all enjoyable stories with practical wisdom. Experience the epic world of ancient India through these stories.
  • Panchatantra - Sunday is reserved for kids. Enjoy the moral stories from Panchatantra retold in our own unique style and spend some quality time with your kids.

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