Ranbhoomi Kurkushetra Board Game

Ranbhoomi Kurkushetra Board Game

Welcome to the epic world of the Mahabharata!

Introducing the Ranbhoomi Kurukshetra Board Game, an exciting strategy game that takes you on a journey through the ancient Indian epic of Mahabharata.

Ranbhoomi is a board game that attempts to simulate the events of a war and allows players to understand and experience the consequences of being a soldier in massive armies fighting each other. The board depicts various key battles in the war where one or the other side dominated, affecting common soldiers at a large scale.

In any war soldiers are usually following orders, they do not decide where and how they would fight, it is usually decided by their superiors, the throw of the dice represents that on the board game. The number you get on the dice is equivalent to the order you would have received from your superior regarding where you would be fighting that day.

When you get caught in a battle and suffer the adverse consequences, it would slow you down or you would need time to heal. Jumping backward on encountering an adverse battle represents that. Likewise, when you encounter a favourable battle situation, you are usually rewarded or you are energized riding on the victory, jumping forward on the board represents that.

Each player starts at the starting point representing the Shrikrishna narrating the Bhagwadgita to Arjuna on the board and moves on the board as per the number revealed by the throw of a dice.

The events on the board represent some key events of the Kurukshetra war. These events are either favourable for Pandava side or Kaurava side, as represented by their colors. Events in blue are favourable for Kaurava while events in red are favourable for Pandava.

Some of the events on the board represent divine weapons Invoked by warriors. These divine weapons can be countered by the weapons given in the deck of cards.

The objective of the game is to survive till the end.

Player reaching the end point depicting the throne first wins. In case nobody is able to reach the end point and die before that, the player surviving till the end wins.

So gather your friends and family, and embark on an epic adventure through the pages of history. Order your copy of the Ranbhoomi Kurkushetra Board Game today, and experience the thrill of the battlefield like never before!

Download the complete rule book in English 

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